The world is full of destinations which are popular entries on bucket lists, but there are also some lesser known ones which should certainly be making an entrance.

Whilst Indonesia is huge, and the largest island archipelago on the planet, it’s not somewhere which immediately jumps to mind when considering the next destination to head to on your travels. This is a mistake however, because Indonesia is packed with culture, history, wildlife, nature, beauty, and plenty of the modern thrown in for good measure too.

Many people consider Indonesia to be difficult to visit and even more difficult to find their way around, but the infrastructure is certainly improved over recent years, and Java, the island which houses the capital city of Jakarta, has fantastic road and rail networks for visitors to easily get out and explore. Of course, this also means plentiful accommodation, and searching for your ideal place to rest your head is not hard when you head online. Sites such as are ideal for finding a hotel or apartment which suits your needs and budget, and the larger cities have more choice, as well as idyllic Bali too.

Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world, which should tell you a lot about its size and diversity. There are around 18,110 islands across the region, and only around 6000 of them inhabited; this is the largest country in SE Asia by a long way.

Because of the size of the place, it’s important to pinpoint where you’re going to visit, to make sure you find the best destination for you interests. Of course, many people head to Java first and foremost, because this relatively small island is home to the larger cities, including the aforementioned Jakarta and its amazing shopping opportunities. Bali is the probably one of the most famous destinations in Indonesia, visited by honeymooners and backpackers alike, all searching for a slice of paradise, with some fantastic diving opportunities to be had, and some seriously castaway-worthy beaches too.

UntitledWildlife and nature lovers will be in their element in Indonesia, because this is a country which is only second behind Brazil in terms of the largest tropical forests in the world. Due to environmental issues, these beautiful and varied areas are under threat, however ecotourism does a lot to try and calm the waters and boost income to help these regions. Sumatra is a region which is full of these forests, and is home to many endangered wildlife species, however Kalimantan, AKA Borneo, is the ultimate destination for a nature adventure, with mighty and dense jungles, rivers, and wildlife which is indigenous to the area, such as the orangutan.

Put simply, there is a region of Indonesia to suit every taste – if you want nature, head to Sumatra, if you want a natural adventure, head to Kalimantan, if you want idyllic beaches and marine life, it has to be Bali, and if you want to enjoy large city life with a cosmopolitan feel, head to Java and enjoy Jakarta’s melting pot of culture.