Why I prefer self-catering

I always book self-catering when I go away. Why? I like the freedom. I don’t have to worry about my food requirements getting too samey, and I get to experience the place I’m visiting, by heading off and trying different restaurants and types of cuisine. It’s win-win in my eyes.

Of course, not everyone sees it this way, and there are pros and cons to self-catering, just like all other holiday decisions. Probably the biggest argument against self-catering is that you have to budget for food and drink whilst you’re away, which you don’t have to do if you choose all inclusive. This is easily gotten around, if you can cut costs elsewhere, such as how you get to the airport. I regularly book airport parking through ParkBCP, and I find I save big here, when compared to the cost of public transport. This is something you can book regardless of where you’re traveling from generally. I regularly book terminal 5 parkingat Heathrow, and I find this saves me stress and money, so I’d certainly recommend you look into this idea.

Money saved here can be put towards your self-catering holiday, which means you can get out and explore more freely. This opens you up to trying different things too, which is probably one of the main points of travelling. I like to head off the tourist streets and go where the locals go, which means I get to try traditional cuisine, and this also has the added bonus of being cheaper than the restaurants which line the main tourist streets in resorts.

Another perk is that if one night you fancy cooking for yourself, maybe to save money, or maybe because you just fancy a change, then you can do just that, and then head out for a few drinks afterwards. I quite enjoy the experience of shopping in a supermarket overseas, trying to guess the ingredients I need, and then attempting to use the hob in a new kitchen! Call me strange, but I think it’s all part of the experience.

If self-catering sounds a bit too far in one direction for you, then bed and breakfast is a good alternative, because that way you have one meal paid for, and you can fill up at breakfast and then head off to explore for your evening meal.

It’s all a case of preference. Obviously if you’re traveling with children then all inclusive is always going to be more beneficial for you, but if you’re with a group, alone, or travelling as a couple, then I’d certainly recommend giving self-catering a go.

photo credit: Ennev via photopin cc