The start of a new year means the promise of amazing new travel adventures. Whether you want to go backpacking across Europe, travel South East Asia or are planning to go on a road trip the USA down to Mexico, there’s a whole world out there to see and so much time to do it. No matter where you go, each new adventure requires a little forward planning to ensure it runs smoothly. Here are the top tips for planning your 2016 adventures:

Book the important stuff in advance

Often when backpacking or traveling to several different countries booking in advance can make somethings seem a little too planned. Often you’ll meet friends along the way who put you in touch with great hostels and tell you about events to go to which you may not have discovered alone. With this in mind, obviously leave room for these occasions however it’s advised to book a lot of your essential transport in advance so if you’re planning on traveling for 3 months at the very least book your flights there and back before you go. Some train travel and buses also get booked up in advance and can be cheaper so check those out before travelling.

Pack wisely

Packing only the bare essentials is highly recommended. Think about the clothes you’ll actually need whilst travelling and make a list of what you do need and what you’d like to take then narrow it down. In a lot of cases, there are places where you can get your washing done regularly so a few outfits for all weathers on rotation is all that’s required. Be careful when it comes to footwear, something light like a pair of trainers are very versatile and suitable for many occasions. All toiletries can pretty much be picked up along the way so don’t add tons of unnecessary weight to your backpack if you don’t need to.

Take a combination of payment methods

When going traveling for a substantial period of time it’s always a good idea to take more money than you think you’ll need and take a variation of different payment methods. Whether you take travellers cheques, several different bank cards and cash or a combination of all three is up to you. It’s a great idea to keep your cards and cash stashed in different places too so if anything unforeseen does happen, you’ll have enough cash to tide you over.

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