Many people have a preconceived idea about theatre; it’s often the case that it has a stigma of being something that the upper class or rich do, something which isn’t accessible to us ‘mere mortals’.

Is that the right idea?

Certainly not!

Drama, lights, costume, laughs, tears, every emotion known to man! This is what theatre is really about, and it’s suitable for every single person on the planet! Of course, some particular parts of the world are more famous for theatre shows than anywhere else, namely London’s West End, and perhaps Las Vegas’ Strip, but New York’s Broadway is certainly one of the most famous of them all!

When you visit New York, if you don’t head to a Broadway show, you’re basically missing out in a big, big way. Whether you’re visiting as a couple, a lone traveller, with a group of friends, or with your family, there is a show and experience for you, and all it takes is a little research into what’s on, so you can identify which show is best for you.

If you really want to make a night or afternoon of it, which is highly recommend, you can stay at one of the nearby hotels, or check out one of the delicious and highly rated restaurants based around the Theater District.

Shows come and go, but there are certain ones which are practically resident, such as Phantom of the Opera, Cats, or Chicago. These are iconic shows which are must sees, and if you’re visiting as a couple, a lone traveller, or with a group of friends, these are the ones you should try and see. If you’re visiting with a group of girls, how about Kinky Boots? This is a laugh a minute! For families, check out Wicked, The Lion King, or Matilda, perhaps. As you can see, there is a show for everyone, and that’s not even all of them! There are countless more besides, and again, it’s about research before you go.

In order to get official tickets, something you really need to pay attention to, never purchase anything from ticket touts on the streets. You have two options for getting tickets – either the Box Office of the theatre itself, or online from a reputable site, such as Broadway Show Tickets. These are the only ways to ensure that the piece of paper you have in your hand is official, 100% correct, and is going to get you into the theatre safely!

So, are you ready for your Broadway adventure?