In the UK, the nursing shortage in our National Health Service has hit a record level. Now, more than ever, we are in need of getting more qualified nursing staff into the profession to help with the increasing number of patients who need care. The career itself is a challenging, yet rewarding one. This post looks at what to expect from starting out in nursing.

Working with Others

In the early stages especially, you’ll always have the benefit of a more experienced nurse to guide you and lead by example. Make the most of working with other nurses and take note of how they deal with difficult situations. You will gain a lot from the wisdom of other nurses and learn how to improve your techniques and strategies for working with patients. Forming bonds with your team really helps you make it through the tough times.

Get Organised

Nursing demands a lot in the way of organisation. You will often need to work fast at the same time as doing everything right – a daunting thought for new nurses. Naturally this needs practise and a high degree of organisation, diligence and attention to detail. Everyone will have different ways of keeping up to speed with daily tasks. Prioritise and get kitted out with comfortable shoes and keep supplies handy.

Survival Tips

The best advice is to not be afraid of asking questions. Nursing is a great occupation for those who are practical learners. Learning by following the examples set by experienced nurses is the best way to progress. It’s often said there are no stupid questions as no two days in nursing are ever the same. Ask more, learn more – be proactive in your learning and you’ll have an advantage in unfamiliar situations.


You have a great degree of responsibility when it comes to caring for vulnerable patients, therefore it is essential that you hold yourself to high standards. You will be dealing with people at their most vulnerable, and sometimes difficult and uncooperative. As time goes on, you will be able to take tough situations in your stride – remember, it will get better. Take breaks and look after yourself first and foremost.

Getting into nursing can be a longwinded and challenging process, but with perseverance and enthusiasm, it can be a highly rewarding career that can provide great job satisfaction. A great way into the profession is going through places like Nursing Personnel. Everyone is different, and will have different experiences throughout their career, but sharing and listening to others’ knowledge and experience will help tremendously.