We know that famous artists are amazingly talented and they sell their creations to huge galleries, where we can all head to check them out, in air-conditioned glory – at a price. This is always going to be the case, but there is also the more suburban, under the radar kind of talent, which is often much edgier than those you will find in galleries.

America is home to some of the best street art murals on the planet, and the great news is that these are all free! You only have to wander around the main street areas, coffee in hand, and you can snap away on your phone at some of the best examples around – it’s no surprise that most of these can be found on Instagram!

So, where are the best places to head for some fantastic American street art? We’re going to check out a few below, but it’s worth noting that these is by no means an exhaustive list. There are no set areas, e.g. this particular design by this particular person, in this particular place; these areas are all packed with various designs, many of which were created anonymously – perhaps that is what gives street art its charm.

Of course, if you want to learn more about street art, or perhaps you’re a budding artist yourself, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with styles and ideas. Purchasing one of the many graffiti books around is a good place to start, and this will no doubt fuel your creative fire!

New York

The Big Apple is home to plentiful street art, with Harlem home to the Audubon Bird Project. You can also head to Staten Island, perhaps to escape the crowds a little, and check out the huge range of murals on the various buildings and walls around the area.

Los Angeles

LA is famous for its funky, edgy street art, with Venice Beach being a top spot to find some seriously amazing murals, collages, and designs. Such is the city’s fame for its artistic wares, you can sign up for a walking tour of the Downtown Arts District, to show you more, and to give you the help of a knowledgeable guide.


Many years ago, Philadelphia realised that in order to stop graffiti, it had to embrace it as a form of expression, so the Mural Arts Program (MAP) was born. This encourages the creative efforts of street artists, and you will now find hundreds of new murals every single year. Again, there is a guided tour you can check out, and the current one takes you across the Love Letters chain, which is the story of a boy in love with a girl, and the story is told over around 50 different scenes.

San Francisco

San Fran is known for its edgy nature, so it’s no surprise that street art plays a part. Check out the Women’s Building, featuring a huge mural celebrating the power and freedom of women. You’ll also find countless other examples of wonderful creative work across the city.

Are you feeling creative yet?