When it comes to choosing where to go on holiday, you have more than enough choices, and you could be forgiven for thinking the decisions are over once you’ve decided where you’re going – wrong! Once you’ve pinned down the destination, you then have to decide on your board-basis, and then pick a hotel! Holidays are a long chain of decisions, but the end product more than makes up for it.

I’m here to tell you why you should seriously consider booking an all-inclusive break for your next holiday, and to point out the many advantages of this board basis.

Yes, you will probably pay slightly more at the initial booking stage, compared to self-catering or bed and breakfast, but the cost pretty much ends there, because your food and drink is already paid for! The choice of destinations is staggering too, as many companies offer countless resorts the world offer, such as First Choice, who have thousands of hotels all over the world, most offering an all-inclusive option, fantastic for those travelling with children.

So, if you need a little prompting, here’s why I think you should go all-inclusive.

Great for families

If you’re travelling with kids in tow, you’ll no doubt be aware of the ‘I want a drink’ routine, which when you’re paying for every single glass, really does mount up in cost. With all-inclusive you don’t have that problem, and your little ones can drink as much as they like, without you worrying about the bill

The perfect base

All-inclusive hotels tend to be like mini resorts in themselves, so you have all the main facilities you need, and you don’t have to venture out too far for your general needs. Having said that, using your hotel as a base, knowing your meals are already there, means you can wander without worrying about the cost, and you don’t have to plan constant expensive days out.

Money, money, money

We’ve mentioned cost before, but maybe this is the biggest advantage. The slightly higher cost at the beginning means you save massively whilst you’re away, and you don’t have the worry of having to budget for food and drink, watching every penny. This frees you up because you know that the money you do have in your pocket can be used to enjoy yourself.

Food is never a problem

All-inclusives tend to cater for every whim, so even the pickiest eater will find something to enjoy. Knowing your food is all taken care of also means you don’t have to wander the streets every night finding somewhere to have your evening meal, however if you fancy eating out one night, you can do that, giving you total freedom.

A social experience

Because of the mini-resort nature of most all-inclusive hotels, you will meet new people quite easily. Of course, if you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to, but if you fancy making a few new friends then the scope is certainly there.

Kick back and relax

Finally, the basis of an all-inclusive holiday is that everything is taken care of, so you don’t even have to think about it. If you want to get away and relax in a spot of luxury, then an all-inclusive holiday is the answer.