The Wonder of France

Everyone has heard of France, and a lot of the time, everyone has an opinion on France, whether they have been or not. What is a truth however, is that there is a type of landscape, situation, destination, and experience for everyone in this large, continental, and charming country, which showcases all the bits of European culture with a twist.

From large hotels, small B&Bs, hostels, campsites, ski lodges, and chalets in France, there is a type of accommodation for everyone, with a large range of budgets catered for too. You can easily combine city breaks, beach time, ski vacations, and wine tasting getaways within the space of one visit, if you do your research, and this means you can really get to explore this beautiful country, with its varying landscapes.

It’s hard to really pinpoint the type of weather you can expect when you visit France, because it depends where you visit and when you go. Weather on the south-east coast can be scorching during the summer months, whilst wet and mild on the north coast; in the capital, Paris, you can expect a variation of conditions, a little like those seen in relatively nearby London, before picturing the French Alps and its icy, white snow. Basically, France has traditional seasons, and it can rain at any time in the north and central regions.

France is a fantastic spot for a ski break, with the Alps, Pyrenees, and Auvergne mountainous regions to check out, however the French alps are certainly where most people venture to. Of course, France is also famous for its fashion shopping, it’s cuisine, it’s vineyards, it’s opulent chateaus, beaches, and the Eiffel Tower. Basically, you won’t be bored in France – you won’t have time to be!

Where you go really does dictate what you can do however, so a spot of research is really needed.

Most people venture to the capital during their visit, and this is a must do. Aside from that famous tower, there are countless museums and galleries to check out, a cruise down the River Seine, numerous monuments, and that true Parisian feel to experience. From there, you can venture out into the Ile-de-France region, which surrounds the capital itself, and also encompasses Disneyland Paris, which is ideal for the young, or the young at heart!

Northern France is certainly for the history buffs, as this region has a lot of nods to the former turbulent past, especially during the two World Wars. This region encompasses Normandy and Calais specifically. From there, the northwest of the country has a lot of nods to various influences, including German.

The west of the country is best known for its agricultural side, but there are also several smaller beach resorts here, including Brittany. This area is also well known for camping breaks, and this is something you might like to check out if you are travelling with children, for a few days in the Great Outdoors. If you head into the central reaches of the country however, you will see more of that famed landscape that France is known for, including huge chateaus, vineyards, rolling hills, and plentiful agriculture again. This region is also where you will find Burgundy.

The south of the country is really heading into touristic land, with the south west and south east having several hotspots to visit. The south west is closest to the Spanish border, and you will find the start of the Pyrenees here. There are also plentiful beach resorts, which head out over the Atlantic, and a few vineyards to check out too. The south east however is really where it’s at!

Here you will find some of France’s most famous spots, aside from the capital, including the Rhone, the French Alps, Corsica, and the Cote d’Azur, with its glittering waters and upmarket feel. Shopping here is seriously designer, and you might even spot a celebrity or two during the summer months! This region also heads out towards the French Alps, and during the winter months the skiing here, as we mentioned, is fantastic.

As you can see, France is packed with things to see and do. The pace of life despite all of this is quite chilled out and quiet, and you will struggle to find anyone rushing around! This means you will enjoy your time so much more, because the laid back feel will help you forget all your cares and worries. You can slow right down and really take in what is around you, including the landscapes and the culture at every turn. In the centre of the country especially, the nature and the real way of French life is something you need to really immerse yourself in properly – you might not want to go home at the end of it!

Paris is a true experience in itself, and whether you do it on a budget, or you go all out, you won’t struggle for a second in terms of things to see and do. The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, River Seine, Champs d’Elysees, these are just a few places you simply have to see!

The only question you really need to answer is where you want to base yourself, and when you’re going to go! Do you want summer sun, winter snow, the shoulder season mild temperatures – the decision is yours to make, but make it you must!