New Year is upon us, and that means one thing – resolutions. Whether you keep them or you don’t, we all like the idea of starting something and actually finishing it – most of us however, we fall at the first hurdle, but hey, that’s half the fun!

The problem with resolutions is that they are usually downright impossible to keep anyway. How are you supposed to give up chocolate for a whole year? If you like a glass of wine of an evening with your meal, isn’t giving up alcohol totally unrealistic? No, the thing with resolutions is that you need to pick wisely. Perhaps the best resolution you can make this coming New Year is to be kind to yourself, and give yourself the relaxation time that you need.

We all live such busy lives, and stress is a very real thing. The health risks associated with stress and upset doesn’t make for good reading, and when stress reaches high levels, it can actually be potentially fatal, due to the complications associated with it. If that little chat doesn’t make you want to give yourself the time you need to relaxation, then nothing will!

The best way to start is how you mean to go on. A spa day in the New Year is a great choice, because it sets the tone for your coming 12 months. There is no shame in taking some time out for yourself, in fact, it is basically a must. If you don’t look after yourself, if you don’t nurture your heart, soul, and your mind, then how can you expect to be in the best frame of mind to look after anyone else? That could be related to work, it could be related to family, or it could be related to your pet cat or dog, but the bottom line is that ‘me time’ is something you should never feel guilty about.

There are many other resolutions you can make that nurture your own wellbeing; how about making a resolution to go to a fun Zumba class with your friend once per week? This isn’t necessarily that exhausting, as it is only once every seven days, and when doing it with your friend, you’re having a great time and socialising. You could make a resolution to go on a date night with your partner every night, without fail. You could make a resolution to have one night per week when you eat your favourite foods, without worry of calories or fat content guilt. Basically, it is about making your life happier, healthier, and more fulfilling to your smile ratio.

Isn’t this the best resolution of them all?