There are certain things we do without realising, I guess breathing is the main one, but that’s kind of vital to life! No, I’m talking about the things we do without thinking, which we don’t really realise are important for our health, not only now but also in the future.

For instance, do you slouch when you’re sitting?

I think most of us do, and we don’t give much thought to it until it’s pointed out. What you might not realise is that good posture is not only vital for feeling better in the present, but also for protecting your long-term health and wellbeing. Sitting, standing, and walking properly could work out to be a simple natural pain relief method!

Slouching is a natural reaction it seems, and we have to work hard to think about correcting our posture. It might take a while to master, but the health benefits are great, not least giving an easy way to achieve back pain relief in some cases.

Improving your general health at any time, no matter how, is always beneficial, and we live in an age where there are countless methods and choices to do this at our disposal. Take Melt Method for example, offering you an easy to learn approach that takes only a tiny amount out of your day, and can be done by anyone. Pain-free, you will learn the steps to a healthy and active lifestyle, which you will reap the benefits of for years to come. Why anyone wouldn’t want to live a healthier lifestyle is a difficult question to answer!

We talked about posture and this is perhaps one of the easiest things to rectify, provided you’re mindful. Whilst you’re sitting, you should adopt a position of your back straight, your feet flat on the floor, and your knees bent at a right angle, and when you’re stood, think about drawing a straight line all the way down your body, to check your posture. We hear so much about back problems and arthritis, and certainly a maintained good posture can help this, as well as adopting a healthy and active lifestyle with varying methods.

Less strain on joints and ligaments means less chance of an injury, as well as keeping your bones and joints in their proper alignment position. Maintaining a good posture could therefore be a great way to obtain joint pain relief, without really doing too much!

Good posture isn’t just about avoiding pain, but also to ensure good flow of oxygen, enabling this vital life force to flow where it needs to. Of course, a good posture also makes you look taller and more svelte too.

See, all this, just by sitting and standing properly!