As we get older, there’s no denying that certain tasks can become a little more of a struggle than they were a few years previously, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them, or that you should let that fact get you down – what do we do? We adapt and get around it!

When it comes to upgrading your home to accompany different needs, a few modifications is all it takes, which increases comfort and ease no end, and doesn’t take away any independence in the slightest.

If you’re not sure where to start, below you’ll find a few ideas. Keep in mind however that modifying your home for your comfort in your retirement years is an entirely personal thing, and should be based on your specific needs and goals.

Baths and showers

This is probably the one area that is most popular for modifications, as bending and lifting yourself out of a bath can become troublesome. Whether you choose a corner bath with a seat, or choose to modify your shower, there are plentiful options. It’s quite easy to find quality walk-in showers these days, which means no need to struggle in the slightest, and this is the perfect choice for anyone who struggles with bending.

Rise and recliner chairs

For comfort, recliner chairs are the ultimate, but if you struggle to lift yourself out of a chair then a rise chair is a good option for you. Again, there are multiple options on the market, and it’s a case of finding something that suits your body shape and comfort level.

Stair lifts

This is probably the number one item that people think of, and rightly so. If moving to a ground-level house or bungalow isn’t an option, and you do have steep stairs that could become troublesome, then a stair lift is the perfect answer.


Obviously this is the best modification for anyone in a wheelchair, but it is also useful if you have generalised mobility problems, because walking down a ramp, with a rail at the side, is infinitely easier than negotiating a few steps. Installing ramps is a simple and quick process too.

Hand rails

For ease of getting around the house, and to ease the way of independence, a simple handrail can work wonders. On the stairs, outside steps, or simply in the bathroom, installing a handrail means you can get up and down easier.

Emergency alarms

A link to the outside world in case of a problem is massively important, even in this age of high-tech mobile phones. Usually placed by the bed, in the bathroom, or living room, emergency alarms are linked to a warden, family member, or emergency services.

Modifying your house to make life easier and more comfortable in your twilight years, even as early as retirement and onwards, will mean you can enjoy yourself just as you had hoped, without letting mobility issues and other small concerns get in the way.