We know how many questions spin around your head before that first date. One of the biggest confusion that takes your mind over at a time like this is – ‘What do I wear so that he/she is impressed?’ In this post, we’ll give you some useful tips and suggestions that will hopefully make this decision easier for you. Moreover, everything suggested could be bought using Target coupons or other promos, which mean you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for the first date and leave some budget for the next one!

Though this may seem insignificant to some people, it is indeed very important to dress appropriately on the first date if you want it to turn into something more. First impression may become the last impression sometimes, so you all ought to make sure that your dressing sense blows off the other person’s mind!

Do not wear anything that you are not comfortable wearing

It is a big turnoff to see a girl fiddling her clothes all through the date. The same applies to guys – being too self-conscious is a sure way to fail to appeal to your partner.

Dress appropriately

You cannot go to an elite restaurant for a dinner date wearing your pajamas; likewise, you cannot wear a three-piece suit when you are going for a hike. And, especially girls, you cannot wear a dress just because you bought it recently and you are dying to wear it!

Make sure in advance whether it is going to be a fancy, casual or adventurous date, so that you can plan your dress accordingly.

Women – wear clothes that accentuate your femininity

Try to wear a dress or a skirt on your first date. It shows your feminine side at its best! Combine it with a stunning pair of heels, and if they don’t make you feel comfortable you can wear a pair of beautiful ballerinas. Also, don’t just dress in brown, black or grey (the colors of the professional world) – try pastels, turquoise, corals or whatever that looks good on you!

Semi-casuals rule

Whenever in doubt between casuals and formals, go for semi-casuals! Wear a nice pair of jeans with a jewel tone sweater and nice casual shoes. Stay away from an entire black ensemble, no matter how much you want it. And if you are going to one of those fancier restaurants, you may incorporate a tie and a pair of brown/black shoes.

Don’t wear tees with jokes or rude comments

If you don’t follow this simple tip, your date could end even before it starts. A sense of humor is important, but you never know what the other person is sensitive about, so it’s safer to avoid risky situations.

Being clean, hygienic and presentable is also extremely important. Right before heading on to the date, spray some mild perfume to add an aura of sexiness to your personality. And after you have finally decided on your outfit, carry it with confidence. Trust me; this will certainly add some brownie points to your looks and personality!

Photo Credit: Benjamin Disinger