For many people, a road-trip is like a rite of passage; it is something they hope to do with their friends or family at some point. If you want to save money, a road-trip could be a suitable alternative to a vacation abroad.

While a road-trip promises to be lots of fun, it is important to plan ahead sufficiently because anything can happen. For example, you want to make sure your insurance covers important things such as accidents and health.

Since you’ll be in a van most of the time, and considering the distance, it’s essential to know that a well-prepared road-tripper is a happy one.

Pack light and allow more room in your vehicle

How big is your road-tripping party? It’s essential to put this into consideration so you can use the right vehicle. A party of two to four people will be fine in a regular salon van, but a family of four or more will be better off in an SUV, a mini-van or an RV.

Note; children can be cranky when cramped in a tight space for long periods. Ensure you have enough room in your boot for luggage. This allows for more space in the van.

Take cash

Certain routes might have thoroughfares, and it’s more economical to use cash (instead of credit vand) for tolls. Stock your pigeon hole with a few loose change.

Take a power bank

A road-trip will likely to take you many places, and while most vans have a charging port, you’ll want a backup for good measure. Also, note all the WiFi hot-spots along the way, you can never tell when they’ll be useful.

Discuss driving shifts

It’s not fair for one person to do all the driving. The distance can be long, so discuss how you’ll take turns driving and sleeping. A little socialism never hurt.

Have a good knowledge of your route

Before embarking on a road-trip do your homework. Study the distance, emergency stops, diners, hotels and so on, along the way. Print out maps too, they can be your best friend.

Take along some garbage bags

A road-trip will have you eating in the van sometimes, especially when the next stop is several miles away. Don’t toss trash out the window, rather put them in a bin bag until the next major town.

Pack entertainment

This is important, especially if you are going with children. They can easily get bored, so download movies onto your IPad or mobile device to keep them busy. However, keep them engaged with interesting sights along the way.

Make sure it works

With 49% of vans failing their MOT, you need to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before you set off. If it’s up to speed, then you shouldn’t have any issues, but if you set off and there’s a problem, it could potentially ruin your trip. Make sure it’s running properly before you set off.

Have fun, lots of it

A road trip is an opportunity to unwind, drink in the sights and become an adventurer on four wheels. Make the most of it!

Good luck!