Thinking about getting a job as a rest home care worker?

Getting this job may be easier to get than you may think. The chances of becoming a nursing support or care worker at homes are in high demand which is increasing year after year. In addition, this career can bring you anywhere between $40000 to $65000 per year.


To get started on the job hunt, you’ll want to ensure you are fully qualified. Here’s a few things you might need:


Degree Level Diploma, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree
Degree Field(s) Nursing
Licensure and/or Certification National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN)
Experience One year of experience is often required
Key Skills Critical thinking, communication and organizational skills, compassion, attention to detail; listening abilities; medical database software, office software, knowledge and use of medical equipment

If you qualify for the job, it’s now time to start applying. There are a variety of online job boards available with plenty of opportunities depending on your skill set and expectations. These are some of the most popular sites to search for your Rest Home Care Working job:



Another great place to search for home care jobs is through LinkedIn. Simply head to the Jobs section and begin searching for the job you want located in the city you wish to work in.


In addition to finding online job opportunities, you can also expand your network by connecting with other nurses already in the field. You can gain insightful knowledge from other nurses and leverage your way into an organization or position that’s right for you.


There are also more specific nursing related networks that you can join to find jobs and network in your field. Here is a list of nursing networking sites:



These sites not only have a network of nurses willing to connect with you but they also provide job offers and other useful details to help you find a job.


As a final note, every nursing setting, whether it’s in a hospital or as a home care worker, you always want to have the best gear like comfy nursing shoes. Start your new career with the equipment and gear to perform your duties diligently and efficiently. If you’re a guy embarking on a new career as a rest home working the a comfy pair of mens nursing shoes is essential for you to start work in.

Other items you’ll need to purchase for a career as a rest home caregiver or nurse are scrubs (depending on whether you are supplied this at the home or if you need to supply your own), a watch, stethoscope, compression stockings or socks to help you keep your legs healthy and reduce aching after a long day on your feet and good bag to hold all your nursing gear.