Certain destinations are iconic; the mere mention of their names brings up visions which take you there instantly. Whether you’ve actually visited it or not, these destinations remain ‘special’ regardless.

Where are we talking about? Such places as London, Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, New York, and of course, the neon-lit madness of Las Vegas.

If you’re planning a trip to the desert, there is one activity you need to do, otherwise you’ve totally missed out – a Las Vegas show.

Gambling, drinking, eating, shopping, checking out the Grand Canyon, posing with Elvis, visiting the famous ‘welcome to …’ sign, these are all things you should have on your itinerary, but a show is something that should come very close to the top.

The great thing about Las Vegas shows is that they are all very different, so if you’ve done this before, or you’ve seen one show previously, the experience is never going to be the same as the one before. This means you can check out several shows during your stay!

No matter what your preference, there is a show for you. Whether you love magicians, comedians, singers, actors, acrobatics, or a mixture of all of the above, you will find a show that fits your needs. Of course, finding tickets is one of the biggest jobs before you get to enjoy the show itself.

You will instantly see countless ticket touts on the Strip, and these people will try and convince you that they have the best tickets for the best price, probably even trying to convince you that they can save you extreme amounts of cash if you book with them. The truth? You will not get a valid ticket if you go down this route, you will instead be given a piece of paper that means absolutely nothing, and you’ll be down a certain amount of cash as a result.

The only way to find official tickets for any show, no matter what it is, is to either go to the Box Office of the hotel/theatre itself, or to head online to a reputable site and purchase your tickets that way. Best of Vegas have some of the best deals around, so certainly check that out for the most competitive prices, and the best seats too.

It’s definitely a ‘do’ to make a night out of your show, so head out to a fancy restaurant before your show, enjoy a few drinks afterwards, and really immerse yourself in the drama and fun of what you’re about to see.

There really is no show on earth like Vegas!