When you are visiting a new city, it’s important to know a little about it before you get there. Yes, there is a lot to be said for spontaneity, but there is also a lot to be said for being prepared also.

Learning how to get around your destination, as well as how to get from the airport to your accommodation, is the number one consideration you need to think about before you venture to a new place. Are you going to book a transfer from the airport? Bear in mind if you do this, unless you go for a costly private transfer, that you’re going to have to travel around various different hotels, dropping other travellers off, often before your hotel. You could take a taxi, but many taxis have a nasty habit of charging tourists more than locals, and how do you know that you’re paying the right amount?

Another option, and one which is often overlooked, simply because not everyone knows about it, is to hire a limo and travel in style!

This idea means you can be picked up from the airport by your own personal limo, complete with knowledgeable driver, and you will be transported to your hotel in half the time of a transfer, and in much more luxury than a taxi. Can you imagine the enviable gazes that will come your way?

This is certainly something to think about, and if you are travelling for a special occasion, this is another reason to think about it more carefully.

Of course, regardless of how you get from the airport to your hotel, you also need to know a lot more about how you get around the city or destination, because that way you will avoid spending too much time commuting in the wrong direction, and more time enjoying the sites. Public transport can be a minefield when you don’t have the first clue what to do and where to go, and if you are going somewhere with a different language, this could be even harder. Thankfully, the whole situation can be made easier if you just do your research ahead of time, and also if you make sure you book your accommodation close to the places you want to see, cutting down on commuting time overall.

Transportation might not be the most glamourous subject when it comes to going away on an exciting holiday, but it’s certainly something you need to think about carefully.