When you make the exiting decision to head off on an adventure, no matter what type it is, you need to plan it all out very carefully indeed. From travel related issues to health matters, packing to what to wear, you need to make sure you cover all bases, to ensure you’re not left missing something important.

For instance, if you don’t carefully look into visa issues, or if you need a permit to do a kind of activity you’re thinking of, then you could be hugely disappointed when you arrive at the airport, or the actual destination itself. Let’s say you’re considering climbing Kilimanjaro, can you imagine the amount of planning you need to do? Tanzania requires you to have a visa of some kind, and whilst for most people thatthis a visa on arrival, it isn’t the same for everyone. Research is everything!

So, whether you’re trekking mountains, heading through the Amazon, skydiving, heading off on safari, or something else entirely, let’s cover the main planning areas you need to give serious thought to.

Travel Paperwork

We have just touched upon this subject, but always make sure you know whether or not you need a visa, and always make sure you have at least six months left on your passport after the date you are planning to return. If you are crossing country borders, you also need to make sure you research into this, and any requirements there may be.


You will certainly need travel insurance, but do you need an add on for the activity you’re planning? Most standard travel policies will not cover you for adrenaline activities, so if you’re skiing, climbing, diving, or doing anything more extreme, you will need to purchase an extra policy add on, for a separate price.

Health Issues

Do you need any vaccinations for the destination you’re travelling to or through? Do you need to take anti-malaria medication? Do some research into this ahead of time. Also, if you’re planning on doing something which requires a high level of fitness, you need to et yourself checked out by your doctor, take their advice, make sure you have enough of any regular medications you take, and also do some fitness training beforehand.

Packing & Equipment

What do you need to take? What are you going to take it in? How can you streamline your packing? What special equipment do you need to buy, or can you hire it when you get there? It’s important not to be without something you really need, so cover all bases at this point, just to be on the safe side.


Every activity which covers ground will have routes to think about, and any travel has routes too. Do your research into the best one, make sure you know the paperwork requirements, and decide on the one that suits you best.

Part of the fun of an adventure is in the planning!