In 2014 there was a growing trend for high street betting shops to close numerous branches. In contrast, leading online betting provider Bet365 posted 138% growth – over a three year period – which is representative of the popular hobby’s current transformation into a predominately online enterprise.

But why are those who are interested in cricket, horse racing or football betting abandoning traditional gambling avenues, such as high street bookmakers, and deciding to take their business to online providers? Some would point to new taxation laws. But the answer really lies with the more positive, comfortable and enjoyable experience that online betting has to offer.

No Rush

In the olden days, where a trip to the betting shop was the only way to get the job done, punters couldn’t afford to make the trek every day. Therefore, committed betters would have to place their wagers sometimes a week in advance and hope that none of the determining factors changed. Often, because of the limited time period, bets would be made haphazardly or too early. Then, a couple of days later, a football player would be injured, such as Raheem Sterling missing Liverpool’s win over Tottenham, or a tennis player suspended and everything would come crashing down.

Now, with easily accessible odds available up until almost the last minute of play, studious and considered betters needn’t worry about making any rash decisions. They can place a bet at almost any time and be completely aware of all the variables before they have to make a final decision.

Live Spector Betting

Any sports fan knows that, regardless of HD televisions and passionate commentators, nothing beats the live spectator experience. The thrill of witnessing the action up-close and personal is something that cannot be beaten from a sensory standpoint. However, another benefit of live spectating is in regards to the effectiveness and accuracy of betting choices. It is telling that whilst high-street betting destinations are closing, those located at horse racing grounds are still posting strong profits.

This is because, when watching a sporting event unfold live, the spectator is so much more in-tune with what is happening, and therefore much more likely to make a successful prediction. Whether it be catching an untelevised expression on a player’s face, an inaudible utterance by a manager or even simply identifying a subtle change in atmosphere or momentum, the live spectator always has an edge over the betting shop.

Of course, before the introduction of online sports betting apps, committed punters outside the racetrack could not place a bet whilst at the event itself. Now, however, those in the stands can utilise their intimate location to their advantage and place bets right from the sidelines!

Improved Time Management

On a similar note, online betting means that the pursuit doesn’t need to detract or intrude in other areas of a punter’s life. No longer does an entire afternoon need to be reserved or a stopover to the betting shop uncomfortably shoved into a family day out.

Now, busy betters can quickly and easily place their wagers without it infringing upon those around them. A quick moment when your partner goes to the bathroom or a friend puts the kettle on, is all you need. It means that the thrill of sports betting can be interspersed throughout your day and enjoyed more evenly and regularly.

Photo Credit by  Alan Stanton