Technology has changed everything over the last few years. Can you remember a time when you didn’t feel the need to check your phone every ten minutes for an update on Facebook or Twitter? Can you remember not heading online to do your grocery shopping, without ever needing to leave the house? Do you remember going to the High Street travel agency shop to book a holiday?

These things all seem like a distant memory, but in reality they weren’t that long ago!

The Internet has basically revolutionised everything, from how we shop, how we spend money, and how we pass our spare time too.

One online pastime which has grown massively over the last few years is online gambling. Now, whether you agree with gambling or not, there’s no denying that various types of this form of entertainment have taken hold, from bingo, horse race betting, football betting, to the advent of online casinos, which allow you to play all manner of online casino games from the comfort of your sofa, with the big potential to win a little cash along the way.

With that incentive, you can understand why more and more people are choosing to take up the hobby.

It probably all began when betting on sporting events went viral, i.e. you don’t need to go to a betting shop to have a flutter on your Saturday afternoon horse race or football match, as you simply head online, log in to your specific website, and place your bet. The ease of this meant the idea grew, and then we had the boom in online bingo gaming.

Whilst bingo used to be a fun night out, somewhere you went with your friends for a few hours, it also meant it cost more because you had to travel there, pay to play, buy drinks, usually food too, and hope you won. Whilst the online version of bingo might be a little antisocial in that respect, it does have the perk of not costing a thing in terms of getting there, no need to buy drinks, and you can sit there in your more comfortable, unflattering clothes if you so wish!

Online casino games have then taken the torch and run with it, and you can play all sorts of regular bricks and mortar casino games online, usually with higher pay out percentages than you would get if you took the car for a drive to the nearest casino itself. Again, the online version requires no travel costs.

Incentives to sign up, and more incentives to recommend friends, means that online casino gaming continues to grow to massive proportions, and shows no sign of slowing down. There is of course a downside to this, and that is the addictive quality of it. If you don’t go to an actual casino, and you don’t see the money physically that you’re spending, you could easily overspend without realising it. The key is to setting yourself a budget and being strict with yourself in terms of how much you play. If you can master that, then you could be in with a big chance of winning some spare cash in your spare time.

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