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5 Ways to Look Younger

These days there is so much pressure to look thinner, shinier, younger and prettier, so you could be forgiven for thinking ‘what’s the point?’ It seems that nothing you do is good enough, because as soon...

New Life

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Things to Look for When Buying a Bike

Buying a bike can be a challenging experience given the wide range of new technology available to bicycle makers and the appealing advertising campaigns that seem to promote each one as being better than the...
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Why a summer holiday is important

Work stress, family strains, daily life – it all adds up and leaves us feeling less than our best. What is the answer to this? A holiday of course! Whilst many see a holiday as a luxury, I firmly see it as...

New World


Self-Catering Holidays

Why I prefer self-catering I always book self-catering when I go away. Why? I like the freedom. I don’t have to worry about my food requirements getting too samey, and I get to experience the place I’m...
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Surfing Florida

Florida is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world. While it may not have the best waves in the world, Florida’s Atlantic coastline is geared towards tourism, the beaches are great, there...

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Doing The Splits

Have you always wanted to do the splits but lacked the flexibility? Maybe you thought that if you didn’t develop that...
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Build A New Core

A strong core is integral for all other workouts. Without a strong core, gaining muscle and toning your body elsewhere...
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Buddhist Retreats

Many people go on Buddhist retreats to take a break from their busy and noisy day-to-day lives. It allows them to...
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Ski Colorado

Colorado has some of the best skiing in the world, and especially in the U.S. In Forbes’ The Top 10 Ski Resorts in...
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Getting Juiced

Juicing is one of the best ways to lose weight successfully. The pure juice forms of fruits and vegetables are just as...