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Dangers and Risks of Addiction

Many people nowadays probably know someone who is or was addicted to alcohol, a drug, or other. Some addictions can be cured easily, while some need more help, which entails them to go to a rehab facility....

New Life


The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

There are so many different ways to add value to your home. From doing a little sprucing up on the outside to expensive renovation projects and landscape gardening, it can sometimes be a little bit daunting...

Keeping Safe and Healthy at Work in 2016

Depending on the type of industry you work in, a lot of people think the last place they’re going to get injured is at work. What most people don’t realise is that is at work is where people sustain some...

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Planning Your 2016 Travel Adventures

The start of a new year means the promise of amazing new travel adventures. Whether you want to go backpacking across Europe, travel South East Asia or are planning to go on a road trip the USA down to Mexico,...

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Build A New Core

A strong core is integral for all other workouts. Without a strong core, gaining muscle and toning your body elsewhere...
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Buddhist Retreats

Many people go on Buddhist retreats to take a break from their busy and noisy day-to-day lives. It allows them to...